The Zone All-Access Membership

*$99 Per Month.

The All Access Membership Includes:

  • Access to All GROUP WORKOUTS either in-person at The Zone facility, **Live online via Two-Way Video, or On Demand.  

  • Initial private session with a Zone Coach to develop your fitness & Nutritional Plan of attack based on your goals, schedule and fitness level. 

  • The Zone Fitness & Nutrition Tracking App



  1. MyZone Heart Rate Monitor and Effort Tracker.
  2. Private Initial FMS  (Functional Movement Screening)
  3. 30-Minute Private Coaching Session at end of month one


If you are one of our First FIFTY All-Access Members, you become eligible to participate in our Founding Member Referral Program to EARN money off your membership EVERY MONTH! MORE DETAILS HERE!

* 3 Month Session Commitment.  

** Some classes will only be offered live at The Zone facility and will not be available to take online or On Demand.