Zone Classes: how are they different?

Class Programming & Progression


Much like a personal trainer would for a private client, we plan our classes with a progressive approach. At The Zone, we create our Class programming 90 days at a time. In a class setting, we progress through workouts from week to week each month. This gives you time to learn and truly progress versus 'winging' a random workout.  You will not only learn the correct form and techniques for each move by repeating it, you will FEEL yourself getting stronger and more fit. 

Tracking Your Progress


While WE create the programming and progressions for each class, YOU TRACK IT ALL via our Zone App.  By tracking the reps, weights and time of each independent exercise, you not only feel  and see yourself getting stronger, you've got the stats to prove it! 

Variety Is Key


Nothing is more frustrating than working out everyday and not getting results. Chances are your body is craving CHANGE!  If you want to keep seeing progress, your body needs to shake things up every so often. At The Zone, we program our classes into three, 4-Week phases, to make up  a complete 90 day Program, THEN WE SWITCH IT UP! Monday 5:30am class in September might be a cardio focused class. In December, it could be strength training galore! This will not only keep your body changing and getting stronger, it will keep you engaged, interested and IN THE ZONE!

Community, Engagement & Fun


Not only do our coaches keep track of who is showing up to class and working hard, your fellow Zone Members care too. The Zone even takes it one step farther by incorporating ZONE MENTORZ. These are fellow Zone Members who have been around The Zone awhile, and know what it takes to have success. They will help you navigate the ins/out of The Zone workouts, tools and community. Throughout your membership you will have the opportunity to participate in fun team and individual  challenges and events. We are always coming up with new ways to make FITNESS FUN with our FIT FAM!