The Zone MentorZ:

These are Zone Members who are here to help "Show you the ropes" and give you a little extra support and encouragement. They will be a vital part of helping you dial into the class schedule and The Zone Community. Read up on our Mentors below. Find the one who you feel you have some things in common with, shares some goals and workout schedule. 


Andrea Mack


Andrea's Story- 

"Over my 50+ years, I have started and stopped my fitness journey many times. When I was young I had the positive influence of my mom to push me. As I got older and moved away from home it got harder. I have gained and lost 50+ pounds more than once and 25+ many times."

Angie Sie


Angie's Story- 

"My Journey to Fitness began Spring of 2009 when a friend called me up asking if I wanted to go to a Free Boot Camp Class with her in 45 min! My Response was sure just let me finish Dinner and then I’ll be ready. Little did I know at that time you NEVER eat Tacos before going to Boot Camp!"

Cheri Meyer


Cheri's Story-

"My fitness journey began years ago when my sister-n-law/ life long best friend Pat Meyer would talk about all the fun she was having exercising with this group of people. I was intrigued and went to a class with her. Mind you, I hated exercising, it was hard for me but I kept going!"

Kati Pownell


Kati's Story- 

"I started my fitness journey after completing graduate school & completed P90X over a 12 week period and had good results.  About 8 years ago I met Eric when he was offering Saturday morning workouts."

Mary Beth Bolles


Mary Beth's Story-  

"I have always liked being active. In high school, a neighbor recruited me for cross country, and i was "hooked." Although I still love to run, I have realized the importance of balancing cardio with strength training."

Pat Meyer


Pat Story-

"I've been training with Eric in some way, shape, or form for over 10 years. Prior to working with him, I was 40 lbs heavier than I am now. Eric's training style and sense of community has held my interest and added fun and new friendships in my life."