Fitness Tracker & Functional Movement Screening

Installing The Zone app enables you to track daily food intake, workouts, and stats(reps, weights, times, etc.) inside an activity. When you monitor your overall health progress, you become more motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Reach out to us to find more details about The Zone tools.

Online Workouts, Together!

A virtual fitness workout with pre-recorded training is fine! Even live workout sessions are also there, but joining an online fitness class where you and your trainer can see each other is fantastic. At The Zone, we make every way possible to provide you with a fulfilling experience as you join our fitness classes.

Functional Movement Screening

At The Zone, we want you to get healthier and stronger safely. Our certified trainer trains you to enhance body functionality, by completing a functional movement assessment. We guide each member with exercises to strengthen and increase mobility in areas requiring extra attention.

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MyZone Effort Tracker

Tracking your effort becomes essential as not all workouts require maximum effort to achieve lasting results. At The Zone, we monitor your performance using the MyZone Effort Monitor. The tracker puts everyone on the same playing field, allowing you to track your activities, whether live in the studio up on the screen or online on the app.