We're so excited you've decided to join us!  At The Zone, we take advantage of the awesome technological advances in the fitness industry in the past few years. We know that technology can be a bit overwhelming at times, so we've made a step-by-step instruction manual.

Apps We Use


The Zone App

Use our robust custom app to plan and track your week for workouts & nutrition. Many of our classes have the option to enter weights used, reps done, intensity of workouts, etc to allow for appropriate self-progression. Group classes taken to the next level by having the feel of an individual workout! Add to the benefits and track your nutrition right in one spot.


MindBody App

The Zone requires you to sign up for classes in advance. MindBody is where you will do this. Once booked, head over to The Zone App and enter them into your schedule for the week to get reminders, etc. Search for The Zone


MyZone App

If you purchase a MyZone belt, this app will show your effort during workouts. It is also where you see how many MEPS you have earned which The Zone uses in a variety of challenges. You can set up individual challenges and goals for yourself as well.


  • The Zone App Website Login 
    • This is the website version of our app
  • MindBody App Website Login
    • This is the website version for class sign-up
    • In The Zone, we believe hard work and dedication should be rewarded! That is why we partnered with PERKVILLE to bring you ZONE REWARDZ! Earn Zone PointZ for attending class, working hard (earning MEPS) and other fun contests as we go! Use the PointZ to purchase supplements, snacks and ZONE ZWAG!


  • Live Online Classes: 

Classes are on Zoom. When you sign up for an online class, the link for the class is in the confirmation email as well as in The Zone app under that day’s work out.

*If you do not get a confirmation email, you may have accidentally opted out of emails. Please let Brenda know and we will get these turned back on for you.

Many choose to have the zoom going on their computer and then open the MyZone app on their phone to watch their effort levels (and your coach in the gym is able to see your effort tile as well).