Zone Community 1 X X X X
Included Add-Ons 2 X X X
In-Person Group Classes X X X
Live Online Group Classes 3 X X X
On Demand Library of Classes 4 X X X
Fitness & Nutrition App 5 X X X
Initial Consultation X X
Initial InBody Assessment X X X
Monthly InBody Assessment Add-On Pkg. Add-On Pkg. X
1 on 1 Training X
MyZone Fitness Tracker 6 One time fee of $109 One time fee of $109 One time fee of $109 One time fee of $159
Initial Functional Movement Screening X X X
Commitment 12 / 6 / 3 months 3 months Expire in 45 or 90 days 7
Price $114 / $134 / $154 per month
(+ $45 initial set-up fee)
$84/mo $625/mo *2 sessions/wk - $25 Single Class Drop-In
- $100 for 5 classes
- $180 for 10 classes
  • 1 The Zone community is one of a kind. Our members are welcoming and engaging. For those with memberships, the group chat within The Zone App is where we acknowledge members "personal bests" and "milestone workouts." The app communication, along with a variety of team contests, special events, and games, truly make Fitness FUN in The Zone!
  • 2 As a member, you also have access to The Zone 24/7 for anytime workouts as well as access to Les Mills All Access programming.
  • 3 No one-way video in The Zone! You don't just see your coach, they see you, interact with you, and guide you through the workout just like you were in class in person. *Some classes will only be offered live at The Zone facility and will not be available to take online or On Demand.
  • 4 Most classes are recorded and uploaded to The Zone App for Members to take the class anytime they'd like! The Zone coaches also are creating an ever-expanding workout library, like ZONE ZHORTS, that you can do when class simply isn't an option.
  • 5 How do you know what to do if you don't know what you've done? In The Zone, our workouts progress through set programming, and we TRACK our stats (reps, weights, etc.) so we know what to push ourselves to accomplish. Don't just feel your improvements; SEE the results as you track them. ALSO, You can't out-exercise a bad diet. But that doesn't mean you have to go extreme either! In The Zone, we believe in a more realistic approach to your nutrition. Your Zone Coach will help you set your macronutrient percentage goals (Fat, Carbs, Protein) and guide you towards a healthy, realistic approach you can maintain and get the results you desire.
  • 6 MyZone is an optional add-on. Effort is everything and needs proper monitoring. Not all workouts should require maximum effort to achieve lasting results. The Zone monitors our members effort through use of the MyZone Effort Monitor. Our MyZone Effort Tracker puts everyone on the same playing field and allows you to track your effort level for ALL your fitness, not just Zone Workouts! Either LIVE in studio up on the screen, or online on the app, SEE what you can accomplish with MyZone!
  • 7 Punch card packs do expire. The 5-Pack expires in 45 days. The 10-Pack expires in 90 days.