The Zone Classes

Most of our classes are 45 minutes and designed with HIIT in mind. You will get an intense workout in and your coach will help with modifications as needed so you get YOUR best workout in.

    • There are a variety of strength classes using dumbbells offered throughout the week with various focuses. 
  • BURNZ 30
    • Do you have a jam-packed day and your only free time is over your lunch hour? Or maybe you need a little extra workout to keep you rolling in your day? Come get a great calorie BURN with BurnZ 30! A no-equipment workout guaranteed to get you sweating!
    • This cardio workout is done on heavy bags. Punch and kick in a non-intimidating atmosphere that will have you sweating, laughing, and feeling more confident every time!

    • The Zone offers a variety of Spin classes. Some class formats are: Heart Rate Intervals, Endurance & Power Zone
    • Use the TRX bands to improve your strength and core. One of the best fitness tools available!
    • The Zone has a variety of circuit classes. These classes will incorporate a variety of the equipment in our gym. Classes may be strength-based, cardio-based, or a combination. ALL are fun and are a solid workout.
    • RSB Classes are for Parkinson's Warriors Only and you must have an assessment prior to attending Class. Workouts will always be creative, fun, and a GOOD WORKOUT!

The Zone Tools

The Zone brings TECHNOLOGY to each workout and client to provide maximum feedback and results.


The Zone App

Our custom app allows you to not only track your nutrition and workouts, but the STATS (reps, weights, times etc.) inside a workout. This allows you to SEE yourself getting stronger and healthier, and takes the guessing out of workout progressions.

Online Class

Workout Options to Fit Your Life Demands!

Attend class in gym live with other members. Can’t make it to the gym? We offer the ability to log in to most of our classes from anywhere you have internet access and take them live and the trainer can see you too! Live class time doesn’t work at all? We have you covered with our recorded and robust library of workouts you can do anywhere, anytime.


MyZone Effort Tracker

Effort is everything and needs proper monitoring. Not all workouts should require maximum effort to achieve lasting results. The Zone monitors our members effort through use of the MyZone Effort Tracker. This puts everyone on the same playing field and allows you to track your effort level for ALL your fitness, not just Zone Workouts!