THE ZONE Philosophy

In The Zone, everyBODY has a place in the game - and every roadblock has a solution!

No more “one size fits all” group fitness classes! We believe you CAN get a personalized training experience in a group setting. We accomplish this through unique technology that helps us discover YOUR Zone - that sweet spot where you’ll get maximum results in a ridiculously supportive group setting. Our app and your trainers push you through customized PROGRESSIVE phases, just like a personal trainer would!

We also know that life happens...work travel, sick kids, bad roads.... most of your workouts will also be streamed LIVE everyWHERE you are if you can’t get to the studio. (Yes! Your trainer can see you and YOU can see the class...LIVE so you’ll still get the coaching you would as if you were there!) Still have to miss? No worries! Most classes will be recorded so you can take it at a time that works for you.

It goes without saying that nutrition is a major player in the fitness journey. Your personalized app will not only track your workouts, but your food, too. You’ll know what to eat and when for best results.

A clear path for every roadblock - a place for everybody. Get in The Zone!


Our Coaches are not chosen solely because of their education, background, and experience. We select our coaches because of their heart, compassion, personality and overall "awesomeness" as human beings. We are proud to have classes lead by these amazing people!


Eric Tostrud

Eric is a coach who likes to help you find the joy in working hard and even works in a few laughs while doing it! Eric has been working with personal training clients since 2008. His passion for health and fitness started with P90X and Insanity, and has evolved into creating The Zone based on his 10+ years experiences as both a trainer and client. Eric loves other online fitness offerings like Beachbody, Peloton, Daily Burn etc. and wanted to create The Zone as a more PERSONAL fitness offering. Eric has a passion not just for health & fitness, but for all things technology, and it shows when you walk in The Zone. If there is a way to upgrade our tech, he's probably already working on it. Eric lives in Hudson with his wife Sarah and three kids; Claire, Alex and Garrett.


Rana Kuebker

My goal as a coach at The Zone for Cardio BoxZing and Yoga is movement inclusion!  Movement may look and feel different every day, and people need a space and community where they feel welcome to explore, learn and train their bodies to the fullest potential.  

I am a 200Hr YTT with a goal of always understanding body mechanics with connecting mind and breath with the physical body. In yoga we are remembering the moment of how the body is feeling and how to live there in the present. Not judging of its sensations or trying to get rid of them but acknowledge the rise and fall of them within our practice. 

Outside of the Zone I am a movement maker and doer of dance.  Dance has allowed me so many experiences to explore what the body is capable of.  From learning and performing traditional Japanese dance in Japan, Co-directing Enkindle Dance Theatre in Duluth, MN to teaching Master Dance Classes at the Phipps Center for the Performing Arts and choreographing for UWRFs Dance Theatre Organization. 

It is through dance and having been certified as a Zumba instructor, that I have integrated my skills into coaching and leading other group fitness classes in a gym setting. 


Holly Gigure

I have worked in the fitness and aquatics industry since 1996, the majority of that working for Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (formerly Courage Center) as the lead fitness and aquatic specialist. I work with clients with various abilities and disabilities, but my specialty is working with clients with spinal cord injuries. I am an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist, an ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, and hold a couple other certifications. I have taught numerous classes through the years, my favorite being ai chi (tai chi done in water). I live in Woodbury and have a son; Hunter. My husband Kal is also a member of The Zone and works full-time for the Wisconsin Army National Guard. He and I enjoy triathlons, kayaking various rivers, snowmobiling, and my all-time favorite activity, slalom skiing! I have been known to still be skiing in November and back at it as soon as the ice goes out. I strongly believe in giving back through volunteering.